Packaging Design

We place a strong emphasis on pre-planning and ensuring that the final product meets the needs and expectations of our clients. We focus on creating engaging visual content and packaging that helps businesses position their brand in the market is important for driving brand awareness and sales.

Building a successful brand requires time and effort, and it’s essential to have a clear strategy in place to achieve the desired results. This can involve identifying the target audience, defining the brand’s values and personality, and creating a cohesive visual identity.

We are committed to helping businesses achieve success and would love to be a part of your team

Interactive Design

When you need to create a promo website, landing page or or a trading platform, ask our specialists. We have an abilities to match the requirements of your brief. We often produce results that exceeds expectations of our clients. The result will not be the same – Each our project is unique and original

Videography & Promos

A visual communication campaign targets one or more common goals using strategic visual content. We aim to creating atmospheric videos that will help you to bring a special feel to your client. We give your business our full attention and make sure the final product meets your expectations and needs   

Our Expertise

Our studio have a lot of experience in branding and visual strategy, particularly in the skincare and food packaging. Our ability to develop new brands from scratch and work in both the premium and mass market segments is impressive


If You are planning to launch a new brand or looking to increase the presence of an existing product, it’s important to consider the overall branding and packaging design strategy. This can include identifying the target audience, defining the brand’s values and personality, and creating a cohesive visual identity


It’s also important to consider factors such as the materials and techniques used for packaging, as well as the overall user experience. Ensuring that the packaging is functional and visually appealing can help to differentiate the product and make it more attractive to consumers


We are available to help your businesses to achieve your vision and goals through our design services


We'd love to be the A-team beside you

We invent a concept for your brand, design packaging and Logos, build websites and landing pages, produce, shoot and edit visual content, and more. Binding all the services your business needs under one operational roof makes for a coherent visual identity, and allows you to reduce effort and cost, while reaching a faster transition from planning to execution


Sasha Bush, the studio owner is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Tel Aviv. In the last fiften years dedicated himself to product packaging design and branding.  Developed a wide range of skincare and bodycare products, invented new brands from scratch which are now widely available for sale around the world.