We are the full cycle design studio


Our goal is to do it the first time. Marketing makes you one more step better than your competitors every day. Expertise and refinement of content to detail can be what bears fruit in your favorite work. Our unique insights, premium design styles and landing pages always reach the goal


Today, the image is everything. The sale of goods and services needs a profitable, meaningful and appetizing presentation – otherwise you simply cannot become a leader. We start by identifying a niche, define the tone of presentation, use creative inspiration and create real masterpieces


Every client comes here for quality. And it starts from scratch: you can go to our instagram and write to direct, see the work on the site and immediately order. We adapt your marketplaces for high-speed tasks and implement completely new ideas, taking into account individual tasks


We provide distinctive packaging design and branding services. Recognizing the significance of not only delivering an exceptional appearance, but also establishing a memorable and attention-grabbing presence on shelves.


My name is Sasha Bush, the studio owner. In the last fiften years I dedicated myself to product packaging design and branding. I developed a wide range of skincare and bodycare products, invented new brands from scratch which are now widely available for sale around the world. Some of the well-known Israeli hair and bodycare products exists almost in each house in Israel for today. 

If you are planning to launch a new brand, or you would like to increase the presence of your existing product, Our Studio is the place you are looking for.